We think you can easily underestimate the power of the tile, especially the floor tiles. Floor tiles are the foundation on which a scheme is built and can be used to create the overall atmosphere for a room or home.   Tiles are available in a range of sizes and the trend is towards the larger tile, which can be used on both walls and floors. The larger tile gives a sleek, seamless finish and grout can be colour matched to your tile, for a professional result.  

Porcelanosa - This supplier produces beautiful surfaces on tiles which reflect natural materials, such as limestone, granite, and basalt, while their metallic collection gives a modernistic, industrial feel.  Many of the tiles available on the market are not one solid colour but have a range of tones and hues throughout the tile, this can make it more difficult to select, as one tile can look very different from a whole floor of the same tile and it is often better to get at least 2 tiles to try in the area you are decorating. 

Florim - Florim ceramic products are the result of the most advanced production technologies combined with constant aesthetic research. Porcelain stoneware slabs that meet the widest variety of design needs and characterize the environments with a well-defined personality.


Marca Corona - This Italian company transforms porcelain stoneware and white body into floor and wall tile with an unmistakeable style, a perfect blend of technological research and aesthetics.

Azuvi - Azulejos Villarreal began its activities in the ceramics sector in 1956 in Vila-real (Castellón). Shortly after it was considered a leader for being a pioneer in the introduction of new technologies, designs and formats. Despite the years that have passed, Azuvi has not left its principles behind. It continues to be strongly committed to giving added value to its products and seeking perfection in the spaces.  

 At present, Azuvi Ceramics S. L. continues to be committed to innovation in design, format and quality of its products. For this purpose, it is formed by a very unique team of people who work day after day sharing the same passions: art, good design, architecture, the focus on the product and a particular vision of life.  


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